The blog will build up one story at a time. Be patient and follow us.

I am sorry, there is no English version of this web page, yet. At the end of this summary there is a short guide HOW TO READ THIS BLOG. This will help you (once the blog will fill up with posts), because every post consists of the documentation of a precious object (with a photo, a story and a video). It’s simple and easy to browse. I’m working on translating everything into English, but this will take time.

“Osebno je Posebno.” means “Personal is Precious.“.

Osebno je Posebno is a project of storytelling through objects that remind us of our personal history, of our lives and of what we are. Objects carry our stories and therefore are very precious to us. This collection of objects is creating an archive of personal stories.

We are all Shakespeares of our own lives.

I’m Tea Kovše, dramaturgee and puppeteer. I am 31 years old and in my short existence I moved from town to town 8 times. In the latest season 2017/18 I moved four times. First because I broke up with my boyfriend and went to live with my parents. Bad idea. I decided to move to my grandfather and ended up taking care of him, as I became his only friend and security. After a while this situation became too intense and I took a little apartment close by to have my own intimate space. During the nights I was there and during the days I was with my grandfather. In this period I found out that he was diagnosed with paranoia. It got worse and he was moved to a mental hospital, and from there to an elderly home. So suddenly I was living alone in his apartment, taking care of his things. This was in March 2017.

And here the project begins.

He took only 4 objects with him when he moved to the elderly home; a toy, an alarm clock, an old watch and a radio. Nothing more, except clothes, of course.
I started to realize that me too, I don’t have so many objects because of moving so often. My mind started to wonder.
Which objects do we carry with us through our lives, that make us feel being at home?
Is it possible that home is not so much a place that we cannot move but something that travels with us, whenever we leave a place and move on?

I do not mean our thoughts or hearts or friends and kind people that will be there for us all around the world. I am still talking about objects. They sometimes may be ugly or very small — they might pass unnoticed and yet, be very precious to us.

Do you have your precious object?
Contact me and tell your story.


Press POSEBNO. and the collection of precious objects will be presented to you. Scroll down, browse through the list. All of the texts are in Slovenian, but the videos are sometimes in English or even other languages. It depends on the object owner’s decision.
All objects are described in a straight forward way. Every object has:
1. a photo,
2. technical information about itself,
3. a few words about its owner,
4. its story,
5. and media content (a video, a photo gallery, an audio file.).

This is your way through this archive of precious objects that reflect particular life events precious to someone. Treat them with care!